RIAPS Platform Information


RIAPS is a Resilient Middleware for Smart Grids. See riaps.isis.vanderbilt.edu for more information.

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RIAPS is spread across a number of repositories, all under the RIAPS organization.

Repository Content
riaps-pycom Python sources for riaps_{ctrl,deplo,actor,device}
and Python discovery services (openDHT and redis-based)
riaps-timesync Sources and scripts for the time-synchronization service
riaps-integration Scripts for building and packaging RIAPS into deb packages,
and configuring a development VM and target node for RIAPS
riaps-dsml RIAPS modeling language plugin for Eclipse
riaps-tests Tests for basic functions in RIAPS
riaps.github.io Content of this website
apparmor_monkeys More secure and simple AppArmor profiles for Python
python-prctl A fork of the same package which enables changing the ‘ambient capability’ set in a more pythonic interface method.
butter A fork to fix an installation issue on Ubuntu 20.04